News and Information Sites:
CFIDS Association of America
International Association of CFS
Massachusetts CFIDS Association
ME Society of America
National Fibromyalgia Association
National Fibromyalgia Research Association
Fibromyalgia Information Association
Phoenix Rising popular CFS/ME site follows latest news and politics
I'm missing a couple here but their website are currently down.

CDC XMRV the data on this site has been partially retracted and is now outdated
CDC CFS otherwise known as the Fukuda 1994 definition

NIH Case Definition for FM
I would include the NIH here but they just parrot what is available on the CDC sites.

International Consensus Criterion for CFS/ME 2011

"Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome:
Clinical Working Case Definition, Diagnostic and Treatment Protocols"
commonly known as the Canadian Criterion 2003

Self Help and Networking Sites:
CFIDS/FM Help patient run self help site
 ME/CFS Forums Wiki procede with caution: lots of info but it is a wiki site so the information may not be accurate
Patient Advocate this is a cross between a personal blog and a news site
Patient Stories and Inspiration this is part of the awareness movement
Invisible Awareness same here
ME/CFS Worldwide Patient Allience
Fibromyalgia Network
Home made drink for OT
Detoxing through bathing
Mold Avoidance

Practitioner Sites:
Dr. Sarah Myhill (UK)

Other Organizations:
International Headache Organization
National Organization for Rare Diseases
United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation
Legal Advocates for Patients with Chronic Illness
Lab Tests On Line  searchable database of standard lab tests
American Tinitus Association
SF-36 functional assesment tool (you can take the demo test for free and get a results page that can be printed out)

Food Resources:
Weston A Price Foundation
GAPS: Gut and Psychology Syndrome
Paleo Diet basic info (there are tons of web sites out there with lots of people selling cookbooks)
US Wellness Meats: grass fed/organic/free range beef, pork, chicken and some dairy
Cultures for Health: everything you need to make cultured foods such as yogurt, kefir, cheese and fermented vegetables

Exercise Resources:
Using a heart rate monitor to avoid PEM:

Detoxing the home:
Organic furniture and bedding (recommended in the moldie circles):
Cleaning products (LOVE these):
Cosmetics (easy to make DIY):
Air filtration (recommended by moldies):