Tuesday, February 5, 2013


I've now upped my dose of Equalibrant twice so I'm now taking four pills a day.  The goal is six.  I'm way more active in general and seem to be sleeping quite well without the use of sleep aids.  I'm slowly becoming nocturnal again so the 8pm bedtime was rather short lived.

Only trouble with this rosy picture are persistent low grade headaches and constant low grade back pain.  It is bad enough that it is irritating and to have to deal with it constantly for several weeks now is starting to get me down.  Every move I make hurts.  Every position I sit in hurts.  I can NOT get comfortable.  I'm starting to pop aspirin again and I have to be careful or I'll be taking it like candy which isn't good at all.

There are several possibilities of the source of the pain: a side effect of the Equalibrant, using muscles that aren't used to being used and/or fibro or a combination of any of these factors.  For instance, I hung up all of my clothes that had been in a big pile in my bedroom.  While hubs does do the laundry, he stinks at putting it away.  I found my summer clothes at the bottom just to let you know how long this has been piling up.  Anyway, I was folding and hanging clothes for two hours.  Not constantly.  I took several breaks and had a couple of lie downs but two and a half hours later I reemerged from the bedroom.  Within a few hours, all the muscles in my upper back stiffened up, which lead to a mother of a headache that wrapped around to my jaw.  This made me worried that a migraine was imminent.  Turns out my muscles were just screaming at me.  I'm sure the fibro kicked in and amped it up a few notches.

So I'm still figuring things out.  I am starting to wonder if I should ease off the Equalibrant but I LOVE the energy it is giving me.  I'm NOT crashing after exercising!!!  Holy crap when is the last time THAT happened!?!  Like 3 YEARS ago!!!  I guess I'm going to have to add in PT or yoga or Tai Chi to my day to get my muscles working again and ratchet back the fibro a bit.  I never expected to be saying that this soon!

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