Monday, April 1, 2013

Anti Virals

Just ran across this article regarding the use of chlorella and spirulina to fight off hepatitus C:

The reasons I want to try this:

  1. Dr. Chia and Dr. Bell, among others, consider CFS/ME to be viral
  2. My docs are very conservative and would never try a course of antivirals on me
  3. Antivirals (off label HIV drugs) are being used with some success in CFS/ME patients
  4. Actual antiviral meds have TONS of nasty side effects
  5. The equalibrant, which is an antiviral, is causing some pretty severe joint pain and I've stopped using it for now
  6. Another CFS patient that blogs got markedly better after starting Amazing Grass which contains both chlorella and spirulina.  She was doing lots of other stuff as well so I wasn't sure which part of her program gave her the huge benefit.  I bought one of Amazing Grass' products but it didn't have the chlorella and spirulina in it and I thought it was the same stuff.  It didn't do much for me so I stopped taking it.
  7. What the heck I might as well.

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