Thursday, July 31, 2014


This is a TMI post about girl stuff.  Consider yourself warned.

So roughly two months ago I started Yasko's short cut protocol for MTHFR defects.  I'm taking her

  • All in One Vitamin
  • Ultimate B Complex
  • Phosphytidyl Serine Complex
  • Be Calm Spray (GABA/Glutamate balance)
  • Resveratrol Spray
  • Amino Acids Spray

I'm also taking
  • Lithium Oratate (for deficiency and per protocol)
  • Ubiqinol (per short cut protocol)
  • Zinc (for deficiency)
  • Iodine (for deficiency)
  • Potassium (Celebrex depletes potassium and it helps my muscles)
  • Grape Seed Extract (per protocol)
  • NAC (left over from CFS/ME protocol: good for mito function)
I've been taking this cocktail along with my two meds for just over two months now.  I've been having trouble with my period since January sometime.  After going on the protocol it kicked into high gear.  Constant bleeding and passing clots.  I became anemic and got very dizzy and tired from it.  I ended up in the ER and at the ob/gyn's office.  I had an ultrasound done (they found fibroids but nothing really large): I had a biopsy done (came back clean).  The doc declared estrogen dominance and gave me prescription strength progesterone.  I wasn't too worried about it since progesterone is on Yasko's list of optional supplements for balancing GABA and Glutamate. 

Four pills later and I felt like crap.  I was back in bed again unable to do anything.  I looked into the MTHFR protocol.  Turns out women start menstruating when they start the protocol and it is often very heavy.  It eventually stops but I found many stories of this happening so it wasn't just a single random person.  I just wish it had been mentioned somewhere so I didn't have to get all the tests done and be worried that I might have cancer or some such.  Geesh!

Anyway, after finding this out I stopped taking the pills since they were making my CFS/ME so much worse.  The heavy bleeding had abated by this point anyway.  Woot!  Other than the odd random spotting I've been period free for almost two weeks now.  Woohoo!!   

Having multiple things wrong at the same time makes diagnosis and tracking that much harder.  CFS/ME, fibro, osteoarthritis, floxing, possible menopause and now MTHFR protocol thrown in for good measure.  Dear god the pain.  The blood.  The hot flashes.  Just make it stop.  

At least the protocol is helping.  There has been a steady and marked improvement in my CFS/ME symptoms since starting the protocol.  Now if my girl parts would just behave themselves and I could cut down the joint pain from the floxing I would be pretty happy.

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