Monday, April 23, 2012

Health Notes

This is going to ramble a bit as I'm fairly crashed today.  I am unwillingly participating in an experiment with my meds.  Last week due to a lack of rides and the Marino Center being closed for Patriot's Day (a MA holiday and totally weird since they have been open for other federal Monday holidays), I skipped my glutathione IV.  My ride called Friday to tell me she is flying down to see her daughter and won't be back until next Tue so I had to cancel tomorrow's appointment as well.  So, I'm playing lets see what happens when I skip my weekly IV.  I'll let you know what happens.  In the meantime....

Sun Exposure
This is going really well.  I spend about an hour in the sun 2-3 days a week.  I'm loving the results of my low grain low sugar diet.  I haven't even gotten pink never mind a sunburn.  I'm going to save a small fortune on sun lotion this year!  I'm generally feeling much better for the sunbathing.  I'm reading books again.  I can't read for very long, about an hour, but I'm reading again!  Yay!!

Going 'Poo-less
I'm still only using baking soda in water to wash my hair.  It has never looked better.  I've given up on the vinegar rinse.  I don't like the smell and my hair gets greasy faster if I use it.  My hair does much better with just the soda.

Laundry and Dishes
We are now using Biokleen for both.  I like it because it has no toxins in it and no fake smellies.  Hubs likes it because, gosh darn it, it works better.  Yup.  Our clothes are coming out clean without the use of spot removers and precleaners.  I'm beginning to believe that they started to make lousy laundry detergent on purpose so that you are forced to buy pretreaters which are hideously expensive.  Tide will no longer take salad dressing spills out of my clothes.  Biokleen on the other hand works fantastic!  Nice clean clothes with no pretreating required.

Still needs work.  I'm sneaking too many grains in.  I'm doing pretty well keeping sugar out though.  I still eat ice cream once or twice a week but even that is too sweet most days.

A few things that have changed about my food intolerances.  I seem to be able to eat wheat now.  I used to get brain fog, intestinal cramps and constipation followed by diarrhea.  These all seem to be gone now.  I can eat a piece of bread or sandwich once in a while with no consequences.  Or at least nothing discernibly different from the normal ups and downs of CFS.

I now seem to have nasty reactions to corn.  Particularly regular corn which is heavily tinkered with and possible contains Bt toxin (a pesticide: yes, Monsanto now has a strain of corn that has toxins in the actual kernels).  I had enchiladas at a restaurant the other day (it was a GF dish) and the following day I broke out in zits all over my face and horrible joint aches.   I've also noticed gut reactions to organic non-GMO corn.  I tend to get diarrhea the following day.  So I guess corn is now off the menu.  I might cheat with the occasional piece of cornbread but I'm swearing off corn tortillas and switching to flour ones.  I never thought I'd see the day...

I have also noticed that I don't do well with vegetable oils anymore.  I snuck some of hubs potato chips the other day and I did nothing but burp and have heartburn.  I have noticed the same thing after I eat french fries.  I'm giving up on stuff fried in veg oil.  It doesn't even smell good to me anymore. It smells rancid.

In General
I'm doing better than I was.  I no longer have to plan out my trips across a room (which route to take to get things done with the fewest steps).  I can read for short periods of time.  I can drive short trips to the other side of town for my appointments.  I don't have to lie down as often.  I'm not stuck in bed all day as often.  I'm cooking meals more often.  I've been showering more often.  I've started to catch up on all the canceled appointments from the last three months.  I'm bored more often (always a good sign).  My period seems to be back to a regular schedule which means my hormones are more balanced than they used to be.  I'm even interested in nookie again ;-)  Hubba hubba!

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