Thursday, April 12, 2012

Slow Recovery

I am doing better.  I still don't feel up to writing long blog posts though.  I'm getting as much sun as I can.  It is hard to find places in the yard where I can go topless without being an exhibitionist.  I'm actually looking forward to when the trees leaf out so I can have some more privacy.

I'm sunning from 30-60mins a day.  I'm at the 45th parallel if you were wondering.  The Paleo diet has resulted in no burns and only a very slow tan just starting to form.  While the sun exposure has the immediate effect of making me sleepy, I find that I have more energy over all.  That combined with the glutathione IVs, diet and weekly chiropractic visits I'm seeing a definite upward trend.  I'm well enough to get bored.

Another couple bits of good news, I'm driving very short trips across town (5-10mins).  And, I'm reading trashy novels again.  I last about an hour before getting wiped out.  It has been such a pleasure to read again.  I've over done it almost every day this week and had to sleep for several hours in the afternoon on two different days when normally I don't nap.

My skin rash is back with a vengeance so I'm ordering supplies so that I can try a poultice.  I figured modern meds aren't working so lets try the old fashioned stuff.

I've seen a bunch of good movies including Hugo, Contagion and The Rebound.  During my three month long crash, I watched all ten seasons of Stargate SG-1.  I'm now watching Eureka (again), Bones, X-Files and Sliders.  I'm also hooked on Person of Interest, Smash, Fringe, Scandal and, of course, Dancing with the Stars.  I was really bummed Sherri Shepard got voted off this week.  She is a way better dancer than Gladys Night (sorry Gladys).

Oh, I just got back from seeing a new dentist.  They are much more accommodating.  I loved my old dentist but he was on the second floor of a building with no elevator so no more seeing him.  The new place is not only accessible but they are very concerned about my comfort in every sense of the word.  They adjusted the temp of the treatment room, changed the speed of the chair so I wouldn't get dizzy, used numbing gel on my gums so the cleaning wouldn't hurt.  They constantly asked how I was doing and if they could do anything else for me.

I also got some brand new treatments that weren't available from my old dentist.  They checked my mouth with UV for cancer.  They checked my teeth with a laser for cavities.  They also had a new digital X-ray machine so I got a much lower dose of radiation (I hadn't had a full set of x-rays done in over ten years) and the images went straight to the computer.  Yup the "film" was attached to the computer via USB cable.  That was a bit weird but really cool for a tech nerd like me.

All in all a great experience at the dentist.  Woohoo!!  I didn't leave there white knuckled and with a headache.  How great is that!?!

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  1. So glad to hear about all of the improvements! That's great! Do you credit the new diet, plus sunshine?

    I have to be careful in the sun because one of my meds causes sun sensitivity. It's better now that I'm off the Lyme meds, but I still have one that can increase burning.

    Thrilled to hear you can read again! as you know, that is one of my primary pleasures in life!

    We also enjoyed Contagion & Hugo and Bones is a favorite at our house! Glad you are finding pleasure in these things and more.

    Keep up the good work and improvement!