Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Jabba the Hut Revisited

I figured something was up with Paleo and women's bodies.  Check out this article:
Paleo Sexist Woes

The author tackles some interesting subjects not just how scientific studies often exclude women or if they do include them they use menopausal women so all that messy monthly hormone wackiness doesn't screw up their data.  She also looks into perfectionism and sexiness vs healthiness.  She also gets into why women store fat on their bodies and why it is a bad idea to get super thin.  One of the comments (which sounds really biased and so not politically correct) talked about the fashion industry being run by gay men who like their women to look like young boys which results in the social norm for sexy women looking like stick figures.  Not sure I agree but an interesting argument.

Anyway, great article.  She normally blogs here.

And next time I start whining about looking like Jabba the Hut, will someone please remind me that I'm taking steroids?  I keep forgetting that little detail and then wondering why the scale keeps creeping up on me.  Of course I blame myself and start on that little headtrip of self loathing.  Like DUH!  So NOT my fault!

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