Sunday, June 3, 2012

More Sun News

I don't take sitting in the sun lightly (good pun huh!?!).  My sister was operated on for skin cancer this year.  My boss had to have multiple surgeries for skin cancer as did my sister in law.  I grew up on Cape Cod where I had several BAD sunburns.  The skin blistering up and peeling off the same day don't touch me or I'll scream kind of bad.  Until I switched to pastured/grass fed meats I used to burn with very short sun exposure.  However, after reading chunks of Seneff's blog and thinking about things long and hard it occurred to me that if we actually got deadly skin cancer from sun exposure alone we should have died out as a race many thousands of years ago.  Hence, in my undoctorish opinion, I think something else must be going on.

So I'm performing a grand experiment on myself: going out and sunbathing without sunscreen with about 90% of my body exposed at least 30 minutes every day that it is sunny here in New England.  That means about 2-3 times a week.  So far not a single sunburn.  It has taken me since March to show just a slight tan.  I tend to stay out for 45-60mins at a time often longer.  I wait until my skin tingles and is uncomfortable and then either sit in the shade or flip over to toast the other side.  This definitely has a positive effect on my energy levels.  I start to feel awful if it is rainy for 4-5 days straight.  Some might claim this is a placebo effect but it is very predictable and repeatable.  I'm not going to argue with it.  Hopefully I won't get skin cancer in the process.

Anyway, aside from the recap here is an article I wanted to pass along about sunscreen lotions causing skin cancer:

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