Saturday, July 23, 2011

Extra! Extra!

I have had a couple of very very good weeks!  Of course you've already seen some of the good news: I was awarded my long term disability case, hubby loves his new job, and I have my old hubby back so the marriage is starting to hum along again.  Yay!!

But wait there's more!  The mailman has been good to me this week.  He has brought me my paperwork for LTD.  I just have a few forms to fill in and I get all my various insurances paid by my old job.  Also they are refunding all the money I paid for COBRA.   Seven months of $1600 payments adds up to a nice chunk of change.  Then there is eight months of back-pay and I can get my meds reimbursed as well.  I just have to find the dozen or so receipts from the last seven months.  Of course I'm socking all the money away so that I have lawyer money for when I have to do this all again in two years.  Blah.  I'm not looking forward to that.  But the next piece of news might help with that....

The mailman also brought me a letter from Dr. Anthony Komaroff.  He has accepted me as a patient!  Woohoo!!  It might be a few months before I get to see him but I am now going to be under the care of one of the leading CFS specialists in the country.  Yay!!

The mailman also brought me a letter from the MBTA (MA Bay Transit Authority).  They accepted my application for the handicapped van so I now have a cheap ride so I can get myself to the doctor after my kid leaves for college.  We are going walker shopping this weekend.  I'm getting one with a seat so I can sit down while waiting for my MBTA Ride to show up.

As for meds, more good news, the steroids seem to be kicking in.  I have way less pain and actually keep forgetting to take my Celebrex.  My sleep schedule is slowly swinging around towards normal.  I'm getting tired earlier so instead of going to bed at 4am, last night I went to bed at midnight!  That hasn't happened to me since I had that shot in my shoulder.  I'm even sleepy now and it is only 2am.  I'm also sleeping very long hours again which also happened to me right after I got my shot.  Last night was the longest, 14 hours.  It should taper off as I catch up on high quality sleep.  When the shot settled down I was sleeping 9 hours from midnight to 9am which is reasonable.  Beats 5am to 1pm which I was doing two weeks ago.  Anyway, the doc just increased the steroid dose again so things should improve a bit more.  I just have to get past this heat wave which so knocks the stuffing out of me.  I'm wondering if I am going to have tons of energy when the temps get more reasonable.  Ah finally some good stuff is happening.

Oh and I'm seeing our couple's therapist on my own instead of attempting to climb stairs to see my old shrink.  He does CBT so I'm looking forward to trying it out and seeing if it helps any.  My attitude can always be improved upon even if nothing changes physically.  It will be a positive thing in my life.

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