Thursday, July 28, 2011


I haven't been writing much because I haven't been doing very well.  Lots of brain fog and not a lot of energy.  The steroids are helping.  My pain levels are way down.  I have a little bit more energy than I've had since last month.  Yesterday I managed to make an omelet for breakfast and then cook dinner afterwards.  That was a major accomplishment for me.  Of course I then slept for 11 hours last night and I've been stuck on the couch all day today.  Bleh..

Despite being a wreck I'm making plans anyway.  Cowboys and Aliens is being released this weekend.  I think this warrants another trip to the cinema.   I'm looking forward to seeing Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford in this odd SciFi movie.

However, I'm going to have to wait a week because I've been invited to an island off the New Hampshire coast for a couple of days.  The folks that invited us just had a health crisis themselves so they totally get the whole CFS thing.  They are so understanding and accommodating I'm not worried about going up there at all.  It is pseudo camping.   There is a main building with a kitchen and rec area and five sleeping cabins.  We have to take a boat out there and there is no electricity.  I'll be taking a plethora of pills with me since getting to a market is a big deal but I can hardly wait to go.

I'm also hoping to go out to tea to a real tea house with a friend of mine.  Mind you we've been trying to do this for two months now.  I first discovered the place during a trip to my CFS doctor's second office (his primary office was under construction).  I am so looking forward to having a proper British Cream Tea with her.  I'll have to wear my pearls.  :-)
We all need things to look forward to.  Sometimes it is the simple things that bring the most joy.  Going to the cinema with your husband.  Going on a camping trip with old friends.  Or going out for tea with new friends.  I can hardly wait!


  1. Hi -

    I am making the rounds of my favorite CFS blogs this morning, spreading apologies for not being around much! I am having so much trouble keeping up with blogging during the summer, with the kids home. Of course, I know I am following too many blogs, too, but I hate to give any of them up!

    Sorry to hear you've been struggling lately, but your plans sound wonderful! I used to see a psychologist who specialized in chronic illness (her own grown son had CFS), and that was one of her favorite questions for me: "What are you looking forward to?" She thought it was really important to have things to look forward to. So, from that perspective, you are doing quite well!

    The camping on the island sounds so wonderful!! It is much too hot here in the summer to even attempt camping, and I am really missing my outdoor time.

    Hope you can enjoy these wonderful activities with your friends.


  2. Oh my! Have a spot of tea for me! That sounds heavenly. All your plans sound wonderful.

    I'm sorry you are feeling yucky.

    Please let us know how the outings went. British tea...that would be so heavenly...especially with clotted cream! Oh....