Wednesday, August 3, 2011


I'm almost recovered enough from my fun weekend to write about it.  I have lots to say but I'm still resting.


  1. Baffled, I'm so glad you were able to get away and that you had a fun weekend! I'm sorry I haven't been around commenting much--I'm barely keeping up with working and my own blog these days; when I have oomph to think of a comment it's usually on one of the "candy" blogs, not a thoughtful one. But congratulations on your long-term disability--that's mammoth! You deserve a lot of credit for putting that packet together as thoroughly and carefully as you did. Wow. And I'm so glad that things seem to be smoothing out with your husband--living with stress inside your own home must be incredibly difficult. Your plans to birdwatch "officially" sound brilliant--do tell us more about the...sorry, I forget what now--hawks? in your trees as they stage their little dramas in front of you. Hope you recover quickly from the weekend. (Who knew Garfield could still be spot on after all these years?)

  2. Haven't even heard the Cooper's Hawks since I've been back but then again I'm not too sharp yet. Still walking around in a bit of a fog. I'm recovering faster than I expected but I suspect it will be next week before I'm back to preweekend levels.