Sunday, August 28, 2011

Batten Down the Hatches

This is my first big storm since getting sick.  Prep work landed squarely in my husband's lap.  He decided that the storm was no big deal and he wasn't going to do anything about it.  Hence we have some food and supplies but not a lot.  We have a gas grill and lots of propane so we can cook if we loose power.  If I were mobile I would have purchased a few more items.  Nothing is packed.  An emergency bag is not put together.  We aren't in a flood area or even expect tons of rain.  We are getting high winds though.  The chance of large trees falling are high.  The chance of things becoming air borne are high.  Hubby did put the patio furniture away and picked up the loose wood lying around the yard but our neighbors haven't.  The back of my house is all windows and one of my skylights has been cracked for months.  This could get ugly.

Growing up on Cape Cod we have both lived through many of these warning only to have nothing develop.  I remember one storm when I was a kid when we were under voluntary evacuation and my dad refused to leave the house.  Of course he was drunk at the time.  Luckily nothing happened except a lot of rain.

I am hoping that it will again be nothing.  I am worried about my son.  He decided to visit a friend in NH and now he is stuck there.  He has never been through a hurricane before.  He thinks he can drive home tomorrow.  He has no idea.  I'm guessing he will be stuck there until Monday at the earliest.  The eye won't even be in MA until 5pm tomorrow and then it moves in to NH where he is.  He won't be able to drive at all.  I hope he isn't stupid enough to try.  So I'm crossing my fingers and watching lots of Netflix in the meantime.  Wish me and my son luck.


  1. best wishes and good luck to you and all your family

  2. Thanks! The kid has decided to drive back home before the winds get really bad. I'm crossing my fingers. He should be okay but he has only been driving a few years and doesn't have a lot of experience driving in bad weather.

  3. I'm glad you survived the storm and that your son made it home safe and sound. These storms are always so unpredictable.