Thursday, August 11, 2011


I've had another exhausting week.  I had just started to recover from the trip to Maine and then I had to take my son shopping for his new apartment.  Yes, he is old enough to do this himself.  Fact is we are used to going shopping with each other and although he will never admit it I think he likes going with me sometimes.  Also I hold the checkbook.

So I spent Monday in my wheelchair getting pushed around Target and Best Buy.  We had a great time picking out kitchen items and computer gear.  Along the way hubby joined us and we had dinner out.  I was experiencing neuro symptoms by the time we hit Best Buy and hubby was starting to get cranky because of it.

We weathered it okay and came home with tons of bags.  A very successful day.  Of course I paid for this not only in money but in energy.  I spent most of yesterday in bed.  I would get up for about 30 minutes and then have to go lie down again.  I listened to a lot of NPR.

Today I'm up and about.  I did have to lie down for an hour after making eight phone calls (yes 8) to sort out my drug coverage that wasn't supposed to have ever been canceled.  My brain was spinning by the time it all got sorted out.  I can get reimbursed for all the meds I've bought since January which will be great.  Not sure I can find all the receipts and I'm probably going to have to eat the Celebrex scrip since I didn't get pre-approval.  But I couldn't tolerate not having it anymore.  Eh, $140 for some pain relief.  Totally worth it!

But I'm sitting here tonight with my usual CFS induced hot flashes and night sweats waiting for my son to come home.  Except he isn't.  He has signed the lease and is in the process of moving out.  I miss him already and he hasn't even officially moved out yet.  His bed is still here.  He will be here tomorrow to drive me to the chiropractor but he is staying over a friend's house tonight.  He is slowly but surely moving his stuff to Boston.  Despite knowing this I catch myself waiting for him to burst in the door, drop the keys on the table and tell me he still has to go out running even though it is 2am.

He is cantankerous for a 17 year old but we've become close because of the CFS.  If I hadn't been home for the last year we would never have talked so much.  He is so quiet.  He won't talk if you push him.  You have to wait him out and then be prepared to talk on his timetable.  When I wait I am rewarded with long thoughtful discussions on all sorts of topics both personal and worldly.  We argue a lot but not the emotional kind of arguing (well maybe sometimes).  Most of our arguing is verbal intellectual banter.  Gun control vs concealed carry.  Republican vs Democrat.  Manual transmission vs automatic.  The topics range all over the place and most of the time we have great fun bantering back and forth.  He has a rich intellectual life and I sometimes wonder if the kids his age challenge him enough.  I love talking with him.  I'm going to miss him tremendously.  I'm glad he is close and I hope he visits often even if he comes over to do his laundry.

I know this will be good for him.  I hope he loves college and he gets along with his new roommate.  But I'm going to miss him!

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