Sunday, August 12, 2012

Rubbing Salt in the Wound

Well on top of my horrible week I just got some more crappy news: in 2014 the Adult National Skating competition is being held on Cape Cod which is roughly two hours away from me.  Why is this crappy news?  The whole reason I got into testing and competing in the adult track of USFS (United States Figure Skating) was that I wanted to compete at Nationals.  I was in the middle of my first competitive season when I came down with CFS.  I had one more test to take to qualify for Nationals.  I had already passed three tests and received two medals in competition.  Since the competition is so close several of my old skating buddies will probably go to compete.  If I am lucky, very lucky, I will get to go and watch.  I've been crying for days over this.  It is just one more thing to grieve for.  I HATE YOU CFS!!!!!

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