Saturday, August 25, 2012

Weird S**t O' Meter

This one definitely pegs the Weird Shit O'meter:

In short it is a new treatment for autoimmune illness that involves swallowing porcine parasite eggs every two weeks for 12 weeks.  Apparently it makes the body stop attacking itself.  The research is being done at Tufts and the company is couple of towns over from me in Burlington MA.  

Right now they are only testing it on Crone's patients.  If it works I can see them trying this out for other illnesses.  Not sure if they will ever get to us CFSers.  I did talk to one guy from Australia that got a fecal transplant that didn't help but that is a single data point.


  1. okay - i feel much better about my uv-photophoresis treatments i get now!

  2. What is a uv-photoporesis treatment?? How does it help you with the CFS? I'm curious since I've seen a marked difference in my own energy levels if I sit out in the sun regularly.