Monday, September 24, 2012

Second New Post

I'm recovering.  It has been slower than I thought but I pushed way too far last Sunday.  The car ride was too much.  A few things would have helped: traveling in my car instead of the '57 Chevy, staying overnight to break the trip up and not having appointments to go to as soon as I got back.  Those three things conspired against me and brought me down way further than I care to go.  The short stay up there, only a few hours, was not worth the crash that followed.  Today is the first day I've made it through the entire day without needing to lie down and rest/sleep/pass out and the first day that I didn't need my walker at some point.  So things are improving.  I made breakfast and dinner today.  A major accomplishment even if they were simple meals.  I've managed to lie out in the sun several days this week.  Recovery takes time and patience.  I'm still not back to pretrip levels but I managed to function all day today.  Woohoo!!

I had several really good moments today.  Hubs took me for a long walk around the neighborhood.  He has never EVER done this before.  He always told me that pushing my wheelchair makes his back hurt.  I figured he would only push me around the block but he went down side roads and went back and forth up and down the street several times.  With the warm sun it was delightful seeing the flowers in the neighbor's yards.  My son even joined us for part of the trip and we talked politics for a while.  Much fun.

I also got to watch the bees today.  They have switched from my catmint to the Autum Joy sedum as the plant du jour.  The plants attract very different pollinators and I want to learn the different types of bees.  If I never had CFS, I would have never learned this never mind seeing this for myself.  Even the bluebottle flies like wandering around the plant heads.  It is pretty amazing watching all the bugs in my garden.  The variety of life and the fact that I am moving slow enough now to see it.  It is fascinating and makes me want to learn more.

I am hoping to recover enough that hubs and I can go away for a short vacation of a few days.  He has agreed that we shouldn't be stingy for the lodging so I'm voting for someplace nice since I'll be stuck in bed/on the couch/on the deck/on the beach for at least the first day that we are there.  I also need a handicapped room so that we can use the wheelchair to get me around the facility.  I still can't do stairs.   I'm looking forward to getting away for a few days.   I now have to decide if I want to go back to Maine or to Cape Cod instead.

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