Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Big Carb Experiment

I've been wanting to write this for a while but my keyboard keeps crapping out on me.  So here we go....

Since eating that amazingly yummy pizza I've been experimenting with various carbs.  So far donuts, pizza, pasta, white bread, wheat bread, flour tortillas, English muffins and rice have all been tried.  Rice of any sort seems to be fine.  Corn can be dicey.  I haven't eaten it enough to figure out if I'm fine with organic and it is just the GMO corn that is giving me problems.   Wouldn't surprise me since I've had serious problems with breakfast cereals with GMOs in them before (yes I ended up at the hospital with an ultrasonic transducer up my hoohoo after eating breakfast cereal: the indignity of it all!)  Donuts are a problem as is pasta and even the pizza.  A few pieces of toast or an English muffin seem to be fine.  Regular bread is pumped so full of air I'm thinking it is just a quantity issue.  I'm fine with small amounts but larger doses cause problems.

Skip this bit if you don't want to read the gory details...
Basically it involves lots of burping for about 24 hours, bringing up stomach acid when I lie down (truly painful and results in a swollen throat for several days afterwards not to mention really nasty tasting), and then intestinal cramps until I can eliminate the offending mass.

I've used both activated charcoal and bentonite clay to help with eliminating the toxins out of my system faster after eating carbs.  But it really comes down to behaving myself.  I can have toast once in a while but I have to stay away from pasta dinners even if they are the most delicious thing on the planet (I had pasta and shrimp in a cream sauce that was gastronomic heaven!).

So back to my Primal diet with some rice thrown in on the side.

Talk to you again when my keyboard works again.

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