Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Insurance Update

Quick update on the insurance situation.  I am now officially covered by Medicare Part A courtesy of the US gov and Medicare Part B&D courtesy of my former employer via Blue Cross Medex program.  The coverage is retroactive to Nov 1 so all my costs incurred over the last month are covered.

A few nice things that I have quickly discovered:

  • I seem to not have any copays.  Of course I might get billed later but no one has asked me for copays at time of service!
  • I do NOT need referals!  At all!  For anything!  As long as the doc takes Medicare I can go see them.  WOOHOO!!
My husband still has no health insurance coverage which means that my son also doesn't have any coverage.  My husband is inheriting my old coverage courtesy of my old employer (i.e. I got dropped off the policy and hubs became the subscriber) but they messed up his application form which means they haven't processed him yet.  

So far by refusing to deal with insurance for our family it has cost hubs $350 in meds and ~$100 in office visits. I'm not filing the paperwork for reimbursement when the coverage gets sorted out and I'm not calling to find out why they have no health insurance coverage.  This is a problem of his own doing and I'm going to let him get bit in the butt good and hard for this one.  I'm not being vindictive (well maybe I AM enjoying this a little too much) but I've had a horrible month, I'm still dealing with the aftermath of the "minor" surgery and phone calls and forms tire me out really really fast plus they are really really confusing.  He is a healthy, mentally capable adult and should put his man pants on and take care of this.  

Anyway, so far I think I like this Medicare thing.  It looks like the government gets things right once in a while :-)