Sunday, December 23, 2012

Reveling in Slowness

I was stuck in bed today.  Yesterday started with a trip to the ER for a bladder infection that came on rapidly and ended with a migraine.  So today was a day spent in bed.  You would think it makes me sad and in some ways it does.  Hubs threw one of his predictable temper tantrums but was much better after some car therapy in the garage.  I'm annoyed that I am THAT sick.  AGAIN!

However, there are certain days that I revel in the slowness of being bed bound. Today was one of those days.  I've renewed my love of radio broadcasts.  I get to listen to NPR's Saturday lineup which consists of Wait Wait Don't Tell Me, the Radio Lab and the Vermont Story Slam.  All of which are wonderful to listen to on a slow afternoon.   It is a strange combination of geekyness and story telling.  Today was an odd combination of grammar jokes, mathematics and personal stories.   And it was wonderful!

While I listen to the radio, I get to watch the clouds floating around; forming and dissipating on their own schedule.  I also get to figure out the air traffic patterns out of Logan for the day.  This changes with the weather and wind so I'm never quite sure which way the planes will fly on any given day.  Of course, during warmer weather I also get to listen to and watch the neighborhood birds.  Today being the day after winter solstice, however, I got to watch the bare tree branches bobbing in the wind which is almost as calming as watching ocean waves crash on the beach but without the dramatic sound effects.

Today I was treated not only with sunshine through my window (a rarity this month) but also a spectacular sunset.  If I had been doing my usual thing I would have missed the short lived glory of the brilliant red clouds.  So sometimes I enjoy lying abed all day.  I get to see life that occurs on a slower scale than we normally live it.  All the subtly that we are too busy and too bustling to normally see.  So despite being sicker than normal and hubs' hissy fits, I had a nice day.  An enjoyable day.  A day reveling in slowness.

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