Monday, December 10, 2012

Run of Bad Luck

Well I'm in the middle of a fairly severe and lengthy crash.  I keep hoping it will lift but I fear the winter crash has started and is here to stay until spring.  Basically I have had a run of nasty luck.

I got over excited that my son moved back in and have been going out for breakfast, coffee and shopping trips way too frequently.  I have been enjoying his company so much I didn't want to rest when I knew I should have been.  He has cheered me up immensely and is a sheer pleasure to hang out with.

Then came Sandy and a second storm.  Both of which quite literally put me in bed.  Don't ask.  I have no idea why low pressure systems tank me but it happens to other CFSers as well.  In fact it rained most of November which meant no sunshine for me for the whole month.  NOT good.  I know sun exposure is crucial for my feeling better.  I'm going to have to try out the local tanning bed and see if that works the same way as sitting out in the actual sun does.

Then I got a huge lump in my mouth and had to have it surgically removed.  And two days later it became infected.  I had to take antibiotics that made me nauseous and gave me heartburn.  It made it really difficult to schedule taking those with my other meds and supplements and of course food.  So I spent a week sick to my stomach and underfed.  Brilliant.

I started new medicine for my never ending rash and herxed on it for several days.  I've been eating way too much wheat which the doc pointed out is probably contributing to the continued rash problem.  And I didn't make this connection why?  Oh yeah, the old brain isn't working much these days.

Hubs came home with some crud or other.  While I didn't get it I did crash even worse from the exposure.  It didn't help that he literally coughed in my face when I climbed in bed the first night he had it.  I ended up back in bed and sleeping from that.  I slept 14 hours the first day after exposure.  I could only stay awake a few hours at a time and I would have to go back to bed and sleep again.  This has continued for several days.  Today was the first day I managed to get through the entire day without sleeping for some chunk of it.

So I'm barely on my feet right now.  I'm back to super simple breakfasts of boiled eggs and toast (I don't have to stand there and cook) and dinners out of the crockpot or my son cooks.  I haven't been able to read. Very limited trips out of the house which has meant lots of canceled appointments.  Absolutely no driving.  Very limited walking.  I'm trying to keep it under 50' but that doesn't always work out particularly when my son is driving (he is terrible at parking).

I think the worst fallout from this last nosedive is the fact that I've gotten into misunderstandings and fights on facebook.  Between my being cranky and cantankerous and plain not being able to put two thoughts together to have an intelligent conversation, I haven't done so well in the communication department.   Not sure I'm going to be able to repair those loose friendships.  Might just have to chalk the loss up to lesson learned.  Stay off FB or at least keep quiet when I'm doing so stinky.

Okay, I have to stop writing since my brain is shutting down again and I still have some food and supplements to order online before I get to go to bed.  Night all!

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