Sunday, January 20, 2013

Energy: My Long Lost Friend

Apart from my period bringing me to my knees yet again, I seem to be maintaining my new found energy levels.  I've been cooking breakfast and dinner and even some extras.  I've been driving around town again.  I can read for about a half hour before brain fry sets in.  I've been doing multiple activities in one day such as showering, making breakfast, going on an appointment and then making dinner.  Holy Cow!!  I'll be skating next!

So what happened??  As far as I can tell it was the antibiotics resetting my system.  Once I stopped taking them I loaded up on probiotics both in pill form and food form.  I have eaten little in the way of sugar or wheat products although I have been trying various gluten free breads this past month (most of which aren't agreeing with me so back to Paleo I go).  My body seems to be doing best with lots of protein.

I do have two other things that might be contributing to this upswing:
I've transitioned from glutathione IVs to a glutathione shot combined with methyB12.
I also just started taking equlibriant.  I heard about this from another CFS blogger who's doc put him on it and he saw some improvement.  He then posted this video so I decided to give it a try.  What the heck!?!  I'm desperate and my docs have told me they can't do anything for me so I'm kinda on my own.

So I continue on my experiment of N=1.  Wish me luck!

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