Monday, January 28, 2013

Status Update

One week on Equilibrant.
One month on Prozac.
One month on methylB12 and glutathione shots.

I have WAY more energy!!  I'm doing stuff again!  Like laundry and dishes.  I'm walking short distances unassisted.  I can tolerate car rides pretty well.  I can read for about a half hour.  I have periods when I can't sit still and have to get up and do something!  Wow!!  Even my recovery time is shorter and I don't seem to crash the next day after doing things.  I'm SO excited!!

I'm in a good mood.  I'm joking and singing.  Hubs has noticed and finds it odd and slightly disturbing.  He isn't used to me being happy.  After all it has been three years of sick yuckies.

My sleep is slowly returning to the nocturnal hours.  No more getting tired at 8pm.  I was up until 4am yesterday and it is already 12:30pm and I'm still full of pee and vinegar.  I started taking melatonin again to try and induce sleep.  It didn't work last night but I'm sleeping more heavily on it so I'm going to keep taking a 1/4tab.

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