Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Sick Humor: Juicing Edition

Yeah, I fell for it.  I saw Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead and I went out and bought a juicer.  A really nice one.  I do use it once in a while but mostly it gathers dust.

Turns out I really like carrot juice.  Celery, cucumber and apple isn't bad either.  However, the juicer is TERRIBLE at juicing leafy greens though and these are what I wanted to get into my diet per Fat, Sick, etc and the Terri Wahls Diet.  Now before you say "just throw them in the blender" I've tried that.  My blender sucks pond scum.  It really doesn't puree the greens and I end up with leaf chunks in the drink which I find really unpalatable.  I'm weird that way.

When I was first starting out, I also found that juice spikes my blood sugar really hard and I crash a few hours later and need to be scraped off the floor.  It is actually worse for me than drinking coffee.  I also discovered that you need LOTS of vegetables to make juice.  My fridge wasn't big enough and because I only shop once a week much of the produce rotted before it ended up in the juicer.  Bummer.  And I also ran into this problem:
Yup.  I admit it.  I HATE green juice.  It tastes like snail burps.  Blech.  I have a huge tub of spirulina and another of chlorella that are gathering dust next to my juicer.  Snail burps says it all.

Of course I'm always willing to try again so I have some Amazing Grass on its way from Amazon.  An old CFS friend got better drinking this stuff.  I'm only hoping it tastes better than snail burps.


  1. The juicer makes all the difference. When I first started (after seeing the movie) I borrowed my mom's juicer and quickly realized I'd never stick to juicing if I had to clean that thing every time. So, I did some research and bought the Breville (as seen in the movie). It was a lot better and did actually juice the greens reasonably. It was easy enough to clean, but there is a plastic corner piece that kept breaking and it drove me nuts. I found an Omega Big Mouth on sale and bought it. It was about the same as the breville for cleaning but juiced a little bit better. At least initially. It still juices better but for some reason cleaning doesn't seem to be as easy as it was initially. The screen is a PITA, Now I'm looking at a masticating juicer.

    I do find that juicing is great for bumping my energy first thing in the morning.

  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one who fell for it. I have a dusty juicer on the counter, and I absolutely detest green juice! :-)