Saturday, November 2, 2013

Thump Thump

Like others with CFS/ME I have weird heart issues.  I have an elevated heart rate at rest, 90-98bpm.  I get dizzy with prolonged standing (the time period gets shorter as I my CFS gets worse) and have to sit down but haven't been diagnosed with POTS or NMH.  The cardiac guy did mention vascular insufficiency as a possible cause but nothing ended up in my official record.  I find that compression stockings do help and I wear them quite frequently.  I do get random chest pains, heart racing, heart pounding and butterfly in the chest effects.  All of which occur more frequently on my bad days.

I bring this all up because I just watched three vids by a Dutch cardiologist that treats CFS/ME patients.  Turns out I have nothing to worry about as far as my heart and lungs go.  It is just my CNS acting up.  Which dovetails into a paper I've been trying to read on CNS and brain inflammation. (More on that later.)  So here are the three vids.  I found them to be very informative.  Based on the info I just learned I probably won't go to a cardiologist since they probably won't find anything.  It is just my CFS/ME kicking my butt as usual.

Vid 21 ME/CFS and The Heart:
Vid 22 ME/CFS and Palpitations:
Vid 23 ME/CFS and Cardiac Arrhythmias:

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