Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Medication and Supplement Review

For the last year I've been working on MTHFR thinking that GABA/Glutamate was the key to making my brain work again.  I got the idea after finding out that being floxed causes glutamate to become dominant which result in brain fog and cognition issues.  Ever since then I've been on a quest to make my brain work well like it did after being floxed but without the severely debilitating joint pain and anxiety attacks.  So far, I've had minimal success.  I had some improvement when I first started Yasko's shortcut protocol but leveled out after a few months.  Of course this winter I've backslid horribly and the MTHFR supplements aren't helping keep the CFS/ME/SEID in check.  However, I might have been misguided...

I was just searching my old posts for information on Cipro and ran across some information that I had forgotten about.  This is one way my brain isn't working at all.  I get hyperfocused on one thing and forget all the other stuff going on at the same time.  What am I referring to?  It turns out I was experimenting with several treatments at the same time as being floxed.  I'm guessing that they all interacted in some weird synergistic way, particularly since one of the treatments involved Chinese herbs in the form of Equalibriant, which NONE of my doctors understood.  By all counts, floxing should have made my brain function worse but weirdly it got vastly better.  Upon review I was not only taking Equalibriant but also started my first B12 shots i.e. kickstarting my faulty methylation cycle.  So I had three things going on at once: methylation cycle working again, whatever the heck Equalibriat does and getting my neurotransmitter biochemistry seriously rearranged.  All at the same time.  No wonder I had the wonky reaction.  

I had been wondering why I dropped Equalibriant and going back over my posts it looks like I had mistaken the floxing symptoms for side effects of the Equalibriant.  Thinking it was the supplement I halted it.  Of course that didn't stop the symptoms since they were actually from the Cipro/Levo.  I'm guessing all the problems I had with the B12 shots were also due to floxing.  I remember having really bad reactions to the shots when I had originally tolerated them well.  We kept reducing the dosage until I finally just switched to sublinguals since I could no longer tolerate the pain from the shots.  

The entire reason I started looking into this is that I'm starting to have trouble with Yasko's supplements.  The GABA induces heavy somnolence for about 24 hours.  Both SamE and 5HTP cause serious problems with the dopamine/serotonin balance resulting in either serotonin syndrome or an attack of restless leg syndrome which interrupt my sleep and which I don't normally suffer from.  I've had to back off Yasko's full protocol and even reduce the dosing of the shortcut protocol.  

So I need a new plan.  I would love to get rid of some of the pills I take.  I can't keep up with them all.  I have so many that I often don't take about 2/3rds of them.  I need a better plan that I can keep up with.  So:
  1. Review supplements needed for CFS/ME/SEID (I have some new info regarding microglia that I need to look into further)
  2. Review supplements for MTHFR and stick to the minimum
  3. Consider adding Equalibriant back into the rotation

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