Thursday, July 22, 2010

In a Black Mood

I'm in a mood today. I'm annoyed by being tired and dizzy all the time. Since my TB test my nausea and sore throat are back. Thankfully not in full force but just enough to be annoying. It bothered my throat to eat my toast this morning.

I was supposed to see the virologist yesterday but the office staff messed up. They couldn't find me in the computer and kept asking me if I had been there before and if I had filled out their stupid forms. It didn't matter how many times I told them I had been there the prior week and that I did indeed fill out their forms. However, since I didn't exist in the system I must not have been there. I know I get a bit dizzy and confused but I'm not that far gone yet. Turns out they misspelled my name and all my information was in the computer under the wrong name. Since my file had been pulled for the doctor to consult with my regular physician they couldn't find my paper file either. It wasn't until they located this with the misspelled name on it that I suddenly popped into existence and my appointment showed up for the following week. I was there a week early. Ugh. I was looking forward to hearing about my blood test and TB test results. Now I have to wait another week.

I can not express how difficult it is to deal with the medical system while you are ill. I feel like I have to gear up for battle every time I have to see someone. Do I have my insurance cards? My referral? My copay? My records? My test results? My symptom list? The paper tracking my body temp? My list of questions? Have you filled out our forms (that no one reads)? Do you mind waiting for two hours for the doctor to see you? Why no I don't. Its not like I have anything better to do. But I do wish they put cots in the waiting rooms so I could have a nap while waiting. It just sucks the life out of me going to these places.

My mum was here for three weeks to keep me company. It was wonderful just to have her sitting in the same room with me. I would nap and she would read books. My hubby and kid are poor company. Unless I'm spry enough to entertain them they leave me after a few minutes due to boredom and lack of conversation. Both have fairly short attention spans. So I have been finding myself alone this week and it bothers me. Normally I'm fine with being alone but I guess I got used to having my mom around.

It has also been hot which makes me cranky even when I am well. The fact that I am uncomfortably hot and not able to get in my pool is hugely annoying.

So I am in a mood today. I'm alone. After three months I still have no idea what is wrong with me or how long it is going to take to get better. I have a virologist that has a ridiculous number of patients which makes it ridiculously hard to see him. And I have a weird mark at the TB test site. Did I burn my arm with pool chemicals by accident at roughly the same location of the TB test? I'm probably going to have to have another blood test to confirm the TB skin test results which means more waiting. I've been waiting for three months. When are things going to change?????

I'm starting a litany of ills. This is basically so that I can keep track of what is going on with my body. Feel free to skip entirely as it is simply a laundry list of what is bothering me today:
Upper back ache
Tender throat
stiff neck
A barely there headache
Slight nausea
tinnitus in right ear
stiff jaw on right side
foul mood

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