Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Diagnosis

I'm not sure I totally understand my blood test results. I should get a copy of them so I can ask someone else what is going on. I saw my virologist today. He said that I have all the markers of having been exposed to Epstein Barr virus including markers for current viral infection but not mono specifically. Hence he declared that I have Mono and that it can take months to resolve. He said the longest he ever saw was an entire year. I asked about CFIDS. He said that it wasn't understood and that there is no proven link between EB and CFIDS. I'll have to do another lit search to get specifics but I'm pretty sure he is wrong on that count. While many people with CFIDS have markers for EB, well duh according to CDC 95% of humans have this marker, it is thought that other viruses can trigger CFIDS besides EB. After all, EB is the most common virus known to man and while CFIDS is more common than AIDS or cancer not everyone gets CFIDS. I guess my next question is when does chronic mono become CFIDS? Is there a difference? It looks like treatment is the same. Bed rest. So does the answer really matter?

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