Monday, July 26, 2010

Internet Flotsam

Boredom and loneliness are the two enemies of the chronically ill. On good days I get to read books. Yeah!! On bad days I either watch movies or cruse the internet. I had a good internet day today. I went on Blogspot to read my usual ice skating blogs and when done hit "next blog" at the top of the page. This leads to some random blog. When done again another blog appears that is in the same "catagory" such as jewelry or bicycle racing. To get out of the catagory pick one of the writers blogs to follow, click and then hit "next blog" again. This leads to another "catagory".

Today I hit the jackpot. I found these two wonderful blogs:
1001 Rules for my unborn son
Urban Legends

I actually found a third but crused away from it before saving the URL. Rules for my son is a compilation of pictures, quotes, songs and rules with the occassional video that have been complied by a dad. I adore this blog. It is such a great compendium of common sense and the cool. How can you go wrong with quotes like "Don't let a wishbone grow where a backbone should be."?

Urban Legends is cool for the photography. The guy travels and takes wow photos. I have turned into a viacarious traveler since the onset of my illness. I watch travel shows on TV all the time. One of my favorites combines travle and photography "Travels to the Edge", Urban Legends is the blog version which takes place in cities instead of the wilds of the planet.

Another site on the internet I love is It is just a random collection of short videos. Everything from "talking" cats and dogs to how to iron a shirt. Very cool and you can skip the ones you don't like.

I also love TED. I refer to it as brain candy. Lots of great minds doing 20 minute talks on random subjects such as fractal math and women's rights.

"Thnigs that make you go hum..."

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