Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Progress Report

I have been on The Diet From Hell for several days now.  Sunday was my last and finally cheat.  It was my birthday dinner so I had buttered green beans with my dinner and then chocolate mousse with sugar, splenda and chocolate in it with some coffee with cream.  I've been mucking about with various food substitutes for two weeks now.  Trying different items for breakfast and snacks but Monday was my first official full blown diet day.

I started herxing yesterday.  I feel awful.  I'm back to my energy levels I had in March including the neuro symptoms so I'm having trouble reading again, sitting up, thinking, planning, etc.  I went out yesterday to a doc appointment and later Trader Joes.  Last week this would have been fine.  Yesterday I had to have help out of the car and back into the house.  I was in full head bobbing mode.  This bums me out to no end.  I was doing so well.  The nutritionist told me that this would last four days but I think that might be for a normal person.  I'm wondering how long this is going to set me back.  Something that would only affect a normal person for a couple of days usually takes me out for weeks.  I will be seriously pissed off if this has set me back for months.

Enough complaining.  I'm using The Diet From Hell as an opportunity to try different food items and I've had a couple of pleasant surprised.  I had gotten into a food rut prior to this diet and was eating the same thing daily with only my dinner being different.  My big problem is find a quality protein source to eat with my meals and snacks.  I found that the rice protein powder wasn't cutting it neither were the nut butters.  During my one of my experimental modes years ago I found that I had to eat highly concentrated high quality animal protein with my meals or I was starving hungry an hour later.  The items that worked were fish, chicken, pork, eggs, tofu and yogurt.  They had to be organic.  The cheap crap they pass off as real chicken that has been pressed out of chicken paste and had grill lines painted on won't cut it.  I found tofu to work better than that crud. 

So the last two weeks have been a pursuit of protein.  I finally made it out to a store last night and I scored big time.  I got lots of frozen fish.  I love fish of all types and fish is on my allowed list even shellfish.  What did I have for breakfast?  Shrimp!  Yay!  Yum! 

I love the nut butters so I'll use them for the snacks and the occasional bowl of oatmeal.  However, when I make oatmeal with milk it keeps me full for hours.  When I make it with nut butter and almond milk, yup, two hours later I'm hungry again.  It is almost like my body has trouble digesting anything else.  I'm seriously considering a Paleo diet when this elimination diet is over with.  I'm sure I would feel much better on it.

So here is my list of keepers so far:
Broiled shrimp for breakfast with olive oil, lemon juice, dill and garlic powder
Banana Strawberry Shake for dessert: almond milk, coconut milk, rice protein powder, fresh banana and strawberries
Rice cakes with cashew butter and for little more decadence a little fruit only jam
Apple slices or pear slices with cashew butter for snacks
Hummus with nut crackers for snack (need to find a sub for the nut crackers since they have potato starch in them)  maybe I'll switch to the rice cakes for the hummus....

I'll start posting the recipes on Fast Foodie when I have more energy.  I know this post itself is a bit rambly.  I've already had to make tons of typing and spelling corrections.  I can hardly wait til my brain works again.  Tomorrow is poached salmon for breakfast.  The anticipation!

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