Sunday, May 15, 2011

What a Week

While I got great news last Saturday, I also continued my decline health wise due to the Diet From Hell.  I spent Sunday and Monday stuck on the couch unable to even walk around the house.  By the time Tuesday set in I had severe neuro symptoms and I was stuck in bed unable to talk or even think in complete sentences.  Since this had now been nine days straight of decline and I was only getting worse I decided to hell with the doctors I'm eating real food again.  So Wednesday I started with my usual egg for breakfast (which is really lunch by the time I get up) with a GF waffle and then grilled pork chop with sweet potato fries for dinner, GF pretzels and nuts for snacks and I started to feel better almost immediately.  I called my holistic doc and let him know I was done with the diet.  My stomach wasn't happy with me and I felt sick the next day.  That pork chop was HUGE but damn it tasted good and suddenly I could walk around the house without help so there was no turning back.  No more Diet From Hell.  I might consider a rotation diet but I'm done with the elimination diet.

Actually I did like some of the experiments I did like eating fish and I love the shake I invented and the almond oatmeal is really good.  I'm also keeping the mashed sweet potato/cauliflower which even hubby ate and he hates cauliflower. 

I actually do want to change my diet up a little so I won't be completely reverting to my old diet.  I started to include too many sweets.  I've also found a decaf tea that I like.  And I just ordered a book from Amazon called The Food and Feelings Workbook.  I want to work on being healthier.  When I took a turn for the worse last September I got an F'it attitude and starting including a lot of sweets in my diet.  I was mad that I lost the bargain that I had made with myself: if I eat really healthy, be happy and rest up I would be better by fall.  Of course that was before I knew anything about CFS so when I got really really bad in September I threw caution to the wind and started eating lots of cake, muffins, cookies and chocolate.  Now that I know that I have very good odds of getting better (more on that in another post) I want to lead a healthier lifestyle.  Plus the fact that all that crap didn't make me feel so great either.  So I want to put together a new game plan.  I'm going to work through my new book to improve my emotional eating and put together a new diet plan that includes less sweets, has more variety, has more foods that I love (I'm talking cauliflower, Brussel sprouts and scallops here) and is generally better for me.

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