Saturday, May 11, 2013

Anti Virals Update

I haven't been writing much.  I just haven't been in the mood for some odd reason or other.  Things have been in such flux around here.  My health is going up and down.  I've been on antibiotics/probiotics twice now with very good results.  There was the bombing which I'm almost over.  Bombings in TV plots still bother me even when I know it is fake and I can see it coming.  Ah well.  And honestly I've been using my good days to actually do things like pulling weeds and getting rid of cobwebs which sounds mundane but is really exciting for me.  By the time I sit down at night I'm pooped.  Lots to write about but I want to keep this to a reasonable length so I'll stick to a the narrow subject of antivirals.  Without further adieu...

I bought the chlorella and spirulina.  They are both in loose powder form so I can more easily control dosing.  I've used them twice, adding them to fresh carrot juice.  Frankly I hate the stuff.  It tastes NASTY!!  Ruined two perfectly good glasses of juice.  UGH!  As a result I haven't taken the stuff on a regular basis so I have no idea if it works or has any effect other than making me gag.  Sigh.  It was kind of expensive.... I hate wasting money but I'm not sure how I can hide the taste of this stuff.  I love carrot juice and hate desecrating it this way.

I went back to the Equalibrant.   I started on one pill a day and stayed there for a month.  When I no longer had joint pain I added a second pill.  I do notice a difference in energy level, recovery time and crash severity when I'm taking it.  I do much better on the stuff.

Right now, although I'm still doing quite well, I seem to be on the slow decline again and may need to do yet another round of antibiotics.  I went and saw my treating CFS doc about it and he is having my poo tested to find out the bacterial profile of my gut.  After the results come back, he is going to try and tailor my treatment plan to the findings.  The urine test I did a couple of months ago had some odd results: elevated marker for candida and elevated marker for artificial sweetener/aspirin use (neither of which I had taken/eaten prior to the test).  He wants to try to figure this out.  He also doesn't want me taking the particular antibiotic my primary has me on.  Apparently one of his patients can no longer walk after a severe reaction to it.  That particular class of drugs causes swelling of the tendons in some people.  Remember all that joint pain I was experiencing at Christmas?  I thought it was the Equalibrant but it might have been the antibiotics instead.  Dang!  Thank goodness there is a different safer one I can take but he wants the poo test results first.  Hopefully I can figure out the payment directions this weekend so I can pop it in the mail Monday.

It is such a comforting thought that my poo and urine travel in the same delivery trucks as my meat and food orders.  YUCKY!!

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