Thursday, May 9, 2013

Happy Anniversary To Me!

It is that time of year again.  It is the anniversary of my contracting CFS.  I was in the middle of my first competitive season of figure skating.  Yup, me, a 40+ fat chick was competing against other adults on the ice and getting medals doing it.  Then the virus struck.  My kid brought it home from school.  He got better.  I didn't.  And here I am three years later on my forth anniversary.

The good news is is that I'm doing better than I was last year.  I'm more active.  I'm managing to read a bit more.  I have about equal good and bad days now rather than them all being bad.  I'm walking short distances unassisted, 25-50' typically.  With the occasional 100' jaunt about once a month when I get really restless.  I can walk the perimeter of my yard most days.  This would have sent me to bed in a three day crash a year and a half ago.  So I'm seeing progress.

The thing that made me really happy this spring is that I got to go into Boston proper for my birthday dinner.  I got to eat at my favorite french restaurant for the first time since getting sick.  Both of my prior birthdays I had to eat locally since I was too sick to travel.  I had a marvelous time and a delicious dinner!  It was so wonderful to be out and about even if it was in a wheelchair.  For those who are curious I had a beet, hazelnut and goat cheese salad followed by duck a la orange and chocolate mousse for dessert.  YUM!

Progress.  Baby steps.  Patience.  And hope!

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  1. I'm sure you've read other people's stories, but it sometimes amazes me how similar so many of them are. Mine was "got Mono at 31, was told I'd be up and about in 4-6 weeks, 10 years later here I am". I am glad you are able to see improvements and acknowledge them. I hope the trend continues.