Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Mr. Sun

Okay I'm not nuts.  Well maybe a little but that is another story...

I've talked before about sunlight exposure helping me feel better.  Prior to this evening I had no idea why this happened.  I didn't know if it was a placebo effect but that didn't make sense since I didn't expect to feel better after being out in the sun.  I just noticed that I did feel better after being out in the sun.  I did several online searches and only came up with the idea that it might be related to the boost in vitamin D levels.  However, taking supplements didn't have the same effect that going out in the sun did.  So it was a mystery.  Well not anymore.  Here is a great TED talk that explains it a little bit.  There is still more research to be done (when isn't there???).

This has two links to CFS patients.  Several studies have shown that we have reduced blood flow and this man has seen increased blood flow after exposure to UVA.  Also, UVA exposure seems to affect the NO cycle in the skin cells.  Well, there is also evidence that our NO/ONOO- cycle is on the fritz.  So these are two possible explanations for why I feel better after sun exposure and they have NOTHING to do with vitamin D.  So I feel a little less crazy-patient this evening.  There is a legitimate explanation for why I feel better after doing some sun bathing.  Now I just need a UVA lamp for winter so I can get my NO on.

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  1. Very interesting! I have similar effects and can't seem to get them with a SAD lamp or vitamin D. Thanks for sharing.