Saturday, July 14, 2012

Hot Tamale

I'm melting.  I hated the heat before I got sick and I hate it even more now that I have CFS.  I seem to be doing better controlling my body temp this year than last.  I remember last year my eyelids and the soles of my feet would sweat even if I was sitting in the air conditioned rooms.  I had to walk around in socks to absorb the sweat from my feet.  This year it is just tank tops and shorts and I'm leaving the AC off as much as possible since the noise bothers me.  I can't have loud roaring going on endlessly.  I start getting really irritated and cranky from it even if I'm comfortable temperature wise.  So this summer is going better.  The heat is brutal this year though.  It is only July and we've just ended one heatwave, had a four day break and are promptly moving into heatwave number two.  Ugh!!

I'm going to buy a kiddie pool to set up in the backyard so I can go sit in it to cool off.  I'm too sick to take care of my big pool.  It is filled with two years worth of oak leaf debris.  It would take about a week of cleaning and then another week of chemical treatments to even get it functioning again.  It is cheaper and easier to get a kiddie pool I'll fit in and set that up instead.  And I don't care what the neighbors think!  I'm melting!

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  1. Yes, heat is so hard on us with M.E./CFS. I love the image of the kiddie pool. Maybe I should do that too.
    I know mainly the heat effects my OI...I get lots of dizzies.
    Take care and stay cool!