Monday, July 30, 2012

The Couch Sloth Olympics

I'm going to get a gold medal in couch slothing.  For the next two weeks my ass grove in the couch is going to get a good workout as I watch Olympics non-stop.  This is the first time I'm going to be able to watch huge amounts of it.

I'm already loving the swimming.  I have a large screen TV thanks to hubs.  The pool looks so inviting I just want to dive into the screen.

I've also watched the women's and men's gymnastics qualifiers, swimming, diving, women's weight lifting and kayaking.  It is a good thing I don't have cable or I would be online watching the events live only taking breaks for food, sleep and bathroom necessities.

I never thought of myself as a sports nut.  I guess because I don't like baseball, basketball, football, soccer, golf or hockey.  The stuff they normally show on TV.  But I love watching gymnastics, swimming, weight lifting, archery, figure skating, snowboarding, fencing.  I guess it is really the individual sports rather than team sports.  There aren't any complicated rules to follow.  You either got it or you don't.  Hubs has had to walk away.  He truly doesn't like sports of any kind and doesn't share my enthusiasm for the Olympics.

I'm wondering if all my voluntary couch time is going to result in an improvement of my CFS symptoms since I'll be spending less time online, reading and mucking about the kitchen.  Either way my couch is going to get some good exercise holding me up.


  1. I'm right there with you, Baffled. I absolutely cannot get enough of the Olympics. It's funny, I normally don't watch too much TV, but for a few weeks every four years, I can watch 5-6 hours of TV per day and still not feel satisfied.

    So is all this couch time helping you heal at all?

    1. After a week, I am now well enough to be bored. I actually managed to walk from my car into a deli which is the first time since last year. So I would have to say yes. The rest is doing me some good.