Thursday, July 19, 2012

Oh Stairs, You Tease Me So

We had a big BIG HUGE thunderstorm roll right over my house today.  I was taking it easy recovering from all the excitement of yesterday's driving test.  I was doing okay but I knew I was a bit tired. Then the boomers rolled in.  Then the sky opened up and dumped tons of rain, 7"/hr according to the news.  That is a lot of rain.

So I'm running around the house closing windows as fast as I can.  They were all open since it has been close to 100F for the last several days running.  I get the windows in the living room closed and then I hear it.  The window in the loft is open and the rain is pelting the side of the house.  I look out the window and it looks like I live under a waterfall.  Sheets of water are cascading down the closed windows.  Crap.  I'm going to have to climb the stairs and close the window.  Crap.  Crap.  Crap.  I am SO going to pay for this.

It isn't that I can't climb stairs.  I'm still physically capable of of it but for well over a year now stairs bring on PEM for me.  Yup.  Major crash after stair climbing of any sort.  Even very slow stair climbing.  I swear it is the change in altitude but I digress...

So I go up the stairs at a normal pace, I can see the rain blowing in through the open window.  I get up there and close it.  I wander around the loft a bit since I haven't been in that part of the house for many many months.  I pick up a pile of books to loan to a friend.  And suddenly I'm out of breath.  I'm gasping as if I had just done several fast laps around the ice rink.  Odd how this starts well after I've climbed the stairs.  Then suddenly I'm sweating buckets.  I take one last look around the loft and go back downstairs.

I close a few more windows and collapse on the couch.  That was well over nine hours and several naps ago.  I'm still here on the couch.  I have no idea how long this crash is going to last.  I'm still hot and sweaty and dearly dearly wish to take a shower.  But alas this is going to my home for a while until I can recover enough to get up.

I've gone through the hoarse voice stage, sleeping stage, painful joints stage, fuzzy eyesight stage, aching calves stage, lost words stage.  Maybe just maybe I'll be mobile by tomorrow.  Then again it could just be wishful thinking on my part....

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