Friday, July 6, 2012

Odd Lots

Toe News
I did a little internet surfing today and found out what my rash is: it is an Id reaction.  This is an allergic response to something else going on with the body.  Most often it is a fungal infection such as athletes foot but it can also be yeast or contact allergy.  I don't have anything matching the description of athletes foot but considering I have yeast rashes on five other locations on my body the fact that my toe has erupted in an allergy response isn't too surprising.  So my masseuse was right (she is really smart).  And I'm still going to have to go and see a dermatologist.  I think the antibiotics are helping but the fungal cream isn't since the rash is still fanning out.  Kinda gross I know but just another day in the life of a CFSer.  Apparently rashes are a fairly common problem.  My masseuse said that problems in the body will often manifest as skin issues.

July 4th
Made the 2 hour car trip to VT to visit friends for the 4th.  I was well on my way to full blown neuro probs by the time I got there and I had started out really well that morning.  Not quite headbobbing but I had to have two handed help into the house from the car.  Had to come back today since I was so messed up this morning.  I hated cutting the trip short but if I had pushed any further I would have been in full blown headbobbing glory even before the car trip home.   Several naps and lots of quiet time later I'm doing much better.

Had a great visit.  Talked tons.  My friend has been recently diagnosed with Parkinsons so we talk about chronic illness when we get together.  She is still processing the diagnosis and like me is still in denial.  She is such an awesome person.  We talk about politics, the economy, education, history, food, kids.  Just a fun person to chat with for hours.

I brought up a ton of grass fed meat and the guys spent all day BBQing for the womenfolk.  We had burgers, hot dogs and ribs.  She made us salad with the greens grown in her own garden.  And then ice creams for dessert.  We sat on her front lawn and watched the parade which is heavy on farm tractors and light on bands.  Later we sat on her front lawn and watched the fireworks through the tree tops.  We only missed the short ones.  My kid took some great pics.  He is turning into quite the photographer.

I also had some intensive kitten therapy while there and I've got the scratch marks to prove it.  She is only a few months old and cute as a button.  She loves being picked up, carried, petted and generally coddled.   She is smart and curious and full of energy.  In fact, I had to boot her out of my bedroom last night because she was playing chase with the older cat who had been sleeping on my bed.  He was none too pleased and a spitting fit ensued.  After I turfed both cats out and I was lying in the dark, I noticed that two fireflies had made it passed the screen and were flying around my bedroom.  I fell asleep with a smile on my face, privileged to witness one of the small miracles of life: blinking green bug butts.  


  1. Oh, I'm so glad you got to go visit your friend and had a real 4th of July holiday!! It sounds like she is a wonderful friend.

    As for the rampant yeast/fungal infections, I'm sure you already know about the importance of LOTS and LOTS of probiotics. There is one in particular that works well against yeast: saccharomyces boulardii. Our Lyme doc recommended it to us, and it has helped.

    And it may be time for oral anti-fungals. Both Jamie and I had good luck with Diflucan.

    Hope you are feeling better soon and recover quickly from your trip!


  2. Good to know. I think I'm already taking Saccharomyces. I try to get most of my probiotics from foods: yogurt, kefir, fermented cod liver oil. I also like kombucha but haven't had any for a while. Sauerkraut is another good source but I haven't acquired a taste for it yet.

    I didn't know about the oral anti-fungals. I've had one infection for over two years now. The cream just keeps a lid on it but it doesn't go away and now it has spread to other areas. Drives me batty particularly in the summer.