Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My Big Toe

Finally made it to the dermatologist this morning.  8:30am UGH!!  We were only a little late.  I really liked the doc I saw.   He smiled a lot and was very happy to discuss my toe with me.  I even explained CFS being causing all sorts of problems with the immune system and he agreed that the CFS might be playing into the sudden appearance of the rash.

So the diagnosis:
bullous tinea pedis
Which is an odd type of athlete's foot fungus.  It creates small blisters and inflammation which makes it look like an allergic reaction.  However he took skin scrapings and looked at them under a microscope and confirmed the presence of the fungus.  He was 100% sure of his diagnosis.

Easy treatment, just put on some cream.  Ironically it is the same stuff that I've been using for two years to get rid of the rash along my bra line.  He didn't recommend pills yet as they are very toxic to the liver.  I agreed I didn't want to go that route until I had tried the cream first.  He told me that it would be 2-4 weeks before it would clear up since it is on the foot where there is reduced blood flow.  

On the one hand I like the idea of taking a pill and getting rid of all of my various rashes at once but the fact that they are a liver toxin doesn't bode well.  I have enough trouble detoxing as it is without adding something that is a  known toxin to my system.  I'll just stick to the cream for a month and see what happens.

I have added apple cider vinegar foot baths to my routine.  Apparently the stuff is a fungicide.  Woohoo!!  It does stop the itching for a while.  Maybe I'm going to have to paint the underside of my boobs with it.  I'll smell like salad dressing ;-)

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