Sunday, November 18, 2012

Crash Recovery

I can't explain what it is like to crash and then recover.  It is like my entire body shuts down.  I've been reading lately about the central nervous system's involvement in CFS.  I know it has severely affected my brain.  I guess the CNS involvement explains the weird constellation of crash symptoms.

I don't breath right.  My husband has caught me not breathing at all.  He'll suddenly yell at me "Breath!!".  I can't swallow properly and chewing food becomes a problem.  My eyesight gets really fuzzy.  I'm severely dizzy.  First my ability to find the right word goes, then spelling, then typing, then speech altogether.  When I've been really bad thinking in complete sentences has been impossible.  It is like my brain is swimming and is no longer connected to my body in any way.  It is a strange sensation.  One that I've only experienced prior to fainting.  But during a crash it is constant.

When I'm coming out of it it is like a veil being lifted.  Suddenly I can think again.  Then I can see.  Soon I'll be able to get off the couch and walk around without that weird floaty tilt-a-whirl feeling.  I'm curious how far I'll come out of the pit.  I won't know until tomorrow.

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