Friday, November 2, 2012

Hello Coffee!

In order to further my experiment of N=1 vs coffee I had another medium one today.  This time with a hamburger instead of a sugar bomb.  And, Ta Da!!  12 hours later and no blood sugar crash!!  Just many many hours of functioning brain.  Woohoo!!  So I hereby welcome coffee back into my daily routine!  Not overboard crazy three cups a day back but one reasonably sized cup, 8-12oz to get specific.

Anyway, here is a little vid I found today on caffeine and coffee.  Don't forget either drink it black or with lots of grass fed heavy cream.  Skip the sugar.  YUM!


  1. The difficult bit is just keeping it to small amounts isn't it. I went cold turkey earlier in the year - very painful - and now just have one at most a day and try to make sure I go plenty of days without any.

  2. Totally agree. When I started this experiment I was drinking small 6-8oz coffees. I'm already up to medium 8-12oz a day. Have to be careful with this one. It can easily creep back up to my old habit.