Thursday, November 8, 2012

Update on Hubs and the Insurance Fiasco

I finally fessed up to hubs that I was super angry at him for ignoring the Medicare and health insurance forms.  Since I had let several weeks pass I was no longer inclined to call him strings of four letter words and could hold a grown up discussion with him about it.  I told him how angry I was.  I made sure he understood how angry I was.  I told him that I don't have insurance for some time period because of him ignoring the paperwork.  I explained that when I ask for something done it is because I can NOT do it.  I'm not the type to make others do my own work.  I have always taken care of things on my own without expecting help.  For heaven's sake I was practically a single mom for 15 years since he was out working so much.  I lived on my own for many years before we got married.  I'm not one of those clingy dependent people.  So when I ask for help I NEED help.  I think he got it.  He made one of those fake husband apologies which is an improvement over the not apologizing at all things he has done for 20+ years so improvement.  Things I accomplished:

He knows he messed up big time.
He knows I need real help when I ask for it.
He sort of apologized.  (a vast improvement)
He said if I needed medical attention then it would be paid for out of pocket if insurance didn't cover it.
We discussed his frustration with my illness and I acknowledged his burden.

Baby steps.

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