Thursday, November 29, 2012

Minor Surgery

I've had a recurring small hard lump show up and disappear just inside my mouth.  When it gets big enough I bite it by accident and I get a whopper of a blood blister and it gets even bigger.

I finally went to an oral surgeon and he removed it.  So I've been recovering from minor surgery since Monday.  Of course a normal person would be up, walking around, going to work and taking aspirin for the pain.  Not me.  I've spent the last three days unable to get off the couch.  The first 24 hours my mouth hurt so badly even my teeth hurt and I had to crack open my stash of Tramadol.  Today is the first day I managed to skip pain killers most of the day.  I'll have to take some before I go to sleep.

Of course recovery for a CFSer isn't a simple thing.  I can't detox from the surgery because I have to take pain meds.  I can't sleep properly because I'm in pain, I can't wear my dental sleep appliance so I'm not sleeping well when I do get to sleep and I can't eat my regular diet since I can only tolerate soft foods.  Of course eating a real food diet means I use my teeth all the time and chew a lot so I'm off my normal diet completely.  So I'm tired, toxic, underfed and haven't drunk enough water.  Holy crap.  Such a simple thing becomes so difficult so fast.

They are biopsying the lump.  I'll know the results next week.  I had to return to the doc this morning because when I woke up my entire lip was swollen and my mouth hurt again.  I'm scared to death of infection since once they start they just take off because of my compromised immune system.  So he gave me antibiotics to take.  This of course will mess up my stomach flora which I just got cranking by eating fermented foods and yogurts.  Sigh....  I can't win sometimes...

However, there was some humor in my day.  I cracked open my new med bottle to find it full of blue pills.  I guess I'm stuck in the Matrix for a while longer....

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