Friday, September 27, 2013

A Wheelchair! a Wheelchair! My Kingdom for a Wheelchair!

With apologies to the Bard for the lack of iambic pentameter.

Well hubs was to tired to go into Boston on Saturday and then on Sunday I wasn't up for crowds so I was easily talked out of going to the expo.  Instead we settled for trying to go to two local stores.  So he packed me into the car and off we went.  Both were closed because, hey who would want to shop for a wheelchair on the weekend?

So today kid took me back to the place that got the highest ratings on the interwebs.  We walked in to an empty small lobby.  Three power chairs were on display on the left and two chairs and a coffee table on the right with lots of industry magazines in the rack.  I walked into the back area which had a bunch of doors to various offices, a demo or staging area and a receiving/assembly area.  I finally found an office minion and told her I wanted to buy a chair.  She looked really confused; that deer in the headlights confused.  Turns out the sales reps go to hospitals and nursing homes to sell to clients there.  They even travel to private homes. They aren't really set up for walk in customers.  There were no sales reps in the building so she took my name and number and told me that the rep for my town would call me back.  Something tells me that I'm considered small potatoes so I'm not really expecting a call back at all.  I would be shocked if I got one.

My mum is coming to visit next week so I'm going to put off chair shopping until the week after.  Unless I get a phone call.  I need to talk to someone because I don't know much about wheelchairs.  I would like one to fit me properly for a change since I can spend many hours in one if we are out for most of the day.  I do know of another place that seems more walk-in friendly so that might be my next stop but that will depend upon the sales rep.  To once again misquote the Bard, "We wait upon your grace."

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  1. Hopefully you get the call you're waiting for soon. Enjoy your visit with your mum!
    Gentle Hugs,