Thursday, September 19, 2013

Let's Roll

Both my kid and my husband complain about pushing me around in my wheelchair.  Honestly, I don't blame them.  It is a transport chair with small wheels that get stuck on every little bump and rut in the sidewalk.  And forget about thresholds!  Might as well be trying to roll me over an 8" curb.  We have to get a running start or risk getting horribly stuck in a doorway.  Also, I'm almost 270lbs so not a lightweight by any stretch of the imagination.  Since taking steroids my weight has slowly been creeping up so I'm not sure where I'm going to top out.  If I have something in my pocket or a bulky coat on, the arms grab my legs when I try to stand up and won't let go.  It is like those vids sent in to America's Funniest Videos: chair gets stuck on fat person's ass when they stand up.  *insert rude noise here*  Since the wheels are so small it takes a lot of force to roll me anywhere.  They both struggle with the slightest incline and they are both really strong guys.  So I think it is time to return the loaner and buy me a real wheelchair with normal sized wheels.

So tonight I went shopping on the internet for wheelchairs.  I found they come in a huge variety of sizes and styles.  I also discovered that it is best to go to a shop to get fitted properly for one.  There are so many adjustments on them: seat height, wheel height, seat width, tilt angle, wheel tilt, weight limits, etc.  I found that chairs that support up to 350lbs start in the $1000 price range.  The chair that I really like is over $2000.  Snots!

Turns out I should have bought the darned thing when I had Blue Cross.  They would have paid for it in full.  Now that I have Medicare they will only pay for the most basic item I need to get around the house which would be my walker which I already own.  Double snots!!

Then I checked Craigslist.  There are quite a few wheelchairs listed but most of them are power chairs.  I want a manual chair.  The people selling the chairs don't know anything about them so there are no dimensions, weight limits or even make and model listed.  I have no idea if I would fit in the darned thing or if it could carry my weight safely.  So best to go with new I think.  If I were under 250lbs this wouldn't be a problems since all chairs seem to be rated up to that amount at a minimum.  Triple snots!!!

Why, oh why did I put this off???  Oh that is right.... I thought I wouldn't need one.  I thought I would be walking on my own at this point.  I was hoping to ditch the darned thing and not need one.

Also, hubs and kid strangely don't want to talk about this.  They change the topic if I bring it up.  I think right now they use the crappy chair as an excuse to leave me in the car and if I get a nice chair that is easy to push then they have to deal with me and as my husband put it "your geriatric needs".  Not one of his finer moments.  Yup.  I'm still angry at him for that one.

Oh, and I want to get one before I go on our mini-vaca next month so wheeling me around will be easier.  I would be very happy if I never hear the phrase "you and your geriatric needs" ever again.  And I HATE being left in the car like the family dog!  Just be a nice girl and sit and wait here while the grownups run into the store and do grownup things.  *more rude noises*

This is the one I want.  I can get it in blue or purple.

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  1. Sounds like maybe they are still in denial and hoping/ expecting that you will still be walking on your own at some point.