Friday, September 20, 2013

Cue Expo

In a bizarre turn of events, I ended up sitting in a sub shop reading the Boston Herald while waiting for a ride.  I haven't set foot in this shop for many many months maybe even last year.  I never EVER read the Boston Herald (a nasty little paper that is still in circulation due to its small size which makes reading it on the commuter rail easier and the fact that they have extensive sports coverage).  Anyway, I ran across an ad for the Abilities Expo in Boston this weekend.  It is free.  They have a huge exhibitors hall full of vendors selling wheelchairs.  I figure this would be a great opportunity to try a few out from different vendors.

I was so excited about it I kept talking to my son about going.  He has flatly refused to go with me and kept changing the subject because it bores him.  Husband has agreed to take me but is already complaining about parking and driving there.   I don't care.  I would love to take a look around.  I also want to see what other accesibility items are for sale.  Also one of the girls from Push Girls is going to be doing a wheelchair dance exhibition.  Woot!

This expo is traveling around the country.  Boston is the first stop.  Here is the link if you are interested.

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