Tuesday, September 17, 2013

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My computer has never been the same since hubs tried to use Torrent to illegally download movies.  Chrome got hijacked.  It took me two days but I managed to restore most of its functionality and get rid of all the Trojan programs but Blogger has never been the same since.  I still have problems logging in and commenting.  At least I can post again.

If I get onto another computer, I have no problem with Blogger itself.  It is definitely Chrome on this computer that is messed up and I can't get anyone from Google to help me with it.  Their help center redirects me to a user forum when I can't answer their standard multiple choice questions.  I HATE them!  A real company would help out their users!!

I'll probably migrate to Wordpress at some point.  Right now my brain is too addled to figure out new blogging software.  So I'm stuck with Blogger for now with all its quirks.

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