Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Excellent News

About two months ago I phoned Dr. Anthony Komaroff's office and talked with his assistant.  I was told I had lucked out and he just started accepting applications for new patients.  However, he gets so many requests I have to go through an interview type process to be considered for becoming his patient.  The first step was for my primary to write him a letter talking about my symptoms and circumstances surrounding the onset of my illness.  My doctor sent him a letter almost two months ago. 

Well today I got a letter from him.  He wants me to fill out a questionnaire and send him my medical records.  I am SO excited.  I spent all day working on the information packet to send to him. 

I didn't think I would be needing any of my records for copying so I haven't done any filing for the last few weeks and as a result things were a bit higgledy piggledy.  After I straightened up my mess and printed out the stuff I had electronically I had already put several hours into the project.  Then I decided I had to write a cover letter as if my medical records weren't extensive enough.  But there is very little information in them covering the initial onset of the illness because my doc and I though this was just some weird virus that was going to go away.  Boy were we wrong.  Anyway, I spent six hours on this and I'm not done yet.  I'm exhausted but oh so happy.

Tomorrow I have to make a trip to Staples to make copies.  Then a trip to the post office to get a flat rate mailer because the packet is so heavy and includes several CDs  (MRIs, X-rays and video of me trying to walk on a bad day).

Yay Me!!!

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