Monday, April 18, 2011

Food Allergies

Lots of us with chronic illness find that we are now sensitive to various foods.  I know I am fairly sensitive to wheat.  While I can cheat and eat an occasional item, baked goods, breads, pastas and cereals are no longer part of my day to day eating plan. 

My new doc is also sending me to a nutritionist who is going to start me out on an elimination diet to see if I have any other food sensitivities.  Because I don't have an anaphylaxis type reaction I don't qualify for the true allergy label, hence I am "sensitive" and not in a good way.  So this post today by Stonesoup is very apropos:

3 Unbeatable Tips for Coping with Food Allergies: Divine Gluten Free Chocolate Muffins


  1. Love the new look!!

    Yeah, for me it's dairy. Never had a problem - used to drink several glasses of milk a day - until I got CFS. Now I'm dairy-free and carry Lact-Aid everywhere. Bummer.


  2. Well, you know I have a gluten issue. (wink) I actually found my lab work and my IGA (?) was 26 with 0-20 being normal and my AGA (?) was 56 with 20-30 being normal. So gluten has gone out the door.

    I don't have a problem with dairy like Sue but them I get my dairy from a local farm and its raw milk and cheese.

    I also make sure I eat cheese that is not American as I seem to do better on it.

    Only thing I have to be careful of is not to overdo it with my dairy intake or it just runs through me.

    I also can no longer do anything fried. That totally ruins my day. Yikes.

  3. Dr. Bell made an interesting comment on Saturday. After all the research they did into the CFS population in NY the only thing they had in common was drinking raw milk, both cow and goat. They never found anything in the milk but it was the only commonality between all the patients.

    Of course this doesn't necissarily mean that the raw milk was the origin (my words not his) but it was the only thing that the patients had in common.