Thursday, April 28, 2011

Medical Procedures

Medical procedures are a trial even when one is well. I have found it to be an absolute mine field due to my FM and CFS. Now that I know I have had FM for years it explains my adverse reactions to the various surgeries I've had over the years. I've woken up during a surgical procedure. Yuck! Then found bruises on my body afterwards where the staff apparently had to restrain me although I have no memory of that part. I take months to recover afterwards. I stay weak and fatigued for up to six months post surgery and prior to now no one has been able to explain why. I've also ended up in the ER with my throat swollen shut and unable to breath after a surgery involving intubation. They had to tank me up with prednisone to get the swelling down. Now that I know most of these reactions are due to the interaction of the meds with the illness here are some useful site for future reference:

Recommendations for Persons with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (or Fibromyalgia) Who Are Anticipating Surgery
by Dr. Charles W. Lapp, MD
January 8, 2008

Guidance for Fibromyalgia Patients who are having Elective Surgery
Fibromyalgia Information Foundation

Safer Dental for the Chemically Sensitive

Hospitalization for the Chemically Sensitive Patient

CFS and Anaesthetics

Dr. Myhill
CFS Information for Your Dentist

I have included a few site regarding dentistry and multiple chemical sensitivity since my friend has both CFS and MCS.  She will be going to a homeopathic dentist.  Yes there are such people.  I knew about them because my sister had a weird dental problem and her regular dentist kept telling her she was fine.  After visiting withe the homeopathic dentist she had surgery to remove a large cyst that had been growing on her jaw beneath her front teeth.

Since I collect links please let me know if you have any additional sites that I could add to the list. 

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