Thursday, April 14, 2011

Is That Light I See at the End of the Tunnel??

I'm starting to feel better.  Of course now I've probably jinxed it.  But I think it is a confluence of events.  I've been on a tiny dose of Trazadone for about a month now to help induce stage 4 sleep.  I now can sleep for at least six hours straight without waking and often manage an entire eight.  This is a novelty for me.  I was waking a lot even before I got sick.  Since about January between poor sleep and pain I wasn't doing well in the sleep department and I was miserable.

Several weeks ago I got a shot of Lidocane in my right shoulder.  While it did put me in bed for three days straight once the herx wore off a great side effect set in.  Not only did it kill the pain in my shoulder but it also stopped the pain in my entire body.  Nothing hurt.  All the joint and muscle pain disappeared.  Four weeks later it is slowly creeping back in but I've had a relatively pain free month.  I also bought a squishy foam pad for my bed for $20 at an outlet store.  It has been bliss sleeping this month.

My new holistic doc put me on tons of supplements.  I'm debating whether to list them or not since they were based in part on my bloodwork and saliva tests.  I also haven't researched them yet so I have no idea why I'm taking them.  Talk about blind trust in the doc.  However, I'm doing better.  Since I started this regimen two weeks after the shot in the arm and sleep meds I think I'm seeing an improvement that are a direct result of the supplements I'm on.  For someone who hates taking pills I can't believe I'm taking them by the fist full now.

I also got a break from hubby.  While he was gone I got to go out and play with my Mom and Sister.  I hadn't realized how depressed I had become.  It had creeped up on me and I was in denial.  It was an eye opener how happy I was when they were here.  So now I've arranged for even more counseling.  Hubby and I will have our first session in three weeks.  This illness has been ridiculously hard on both of us and we need some help coping.  It took a lot of nerve on my part to make the call today.  I was in tears on the phone to the shrink.  However, now I'm kind of happy about it.  We're going to get some help.  Things will get better.  Life is good.

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  1. Wow! That is a LOT going on and it looks like a lot in the area of improvements as well.

    I'm glad you made the appointment with the therapist. I went to one for several years to deal with all not-related-to-ME junk because I knew any junk makes ME so much harder.

    I also learned some new coping skills so that helped a lot too.

    I think it will be great for you and your hubby to go together. Great idea.

    I like the new look of your blog. Very springy!